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May 25, 2019

How To Care

1. Wash your extensions with moisturizing hair care products: this will keep the moisture in from shampooing while at the same time not drying them out from over-shampooing.

2. Be Extremely Gentle: Combing or styling the extensions gently can let the hair not falling out. Use a wide-tooth comb, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up.

3. Use Heat Protectant: Use heat protectant on hair extensions. When use hot iron, please keep the temperature less than 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Deep Condition: Once a week, carefully put your extensions in warm water and apply a bit of conditioner all over. Leave for around 20 minutes then rinse it.

5. Keep Ends Trimmed: Because human hair extensions will easily get split ends. Not letting the injurie move up the hair